Learth Day

No, that is not a typo.  Sometimes, Monsta likes to put L’s in words to make things funny. 

“Daddy, we are celebrating Learth Day!  Ok, Slee yla later”

See how that works?

Grabbed the kids and set out to the nursery to see what kind of goodies we could find. First, stopped at a lemonade stand to quench our thirst. It was set up by these kids around the block. They also sold toys and Monsta picked out a Storm Trooper and the One eyed green guy from Monsters Inc. for his bro.

Cubby was off and running in his new kicks. He really couldn’t be stopped.

Monsta was trying to scare away the crows. You see that smile trying break through….he is trying desperately to hold character.

It was a very difficult decision. Which ones shall we choose?

Trying to look inconspicuous. I’d say he is doing a great job. Not a bird in sight.

To the finish line! He dropped a bunch a times and of course….

Big brother was there to help him up.

Laughs upon laughs. I love moments like that.

The two were turning cranky before we could plant them.  Snacks and naps it is when that happens.

Here is what we did last Earth Day. 

How are you celebrating?


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