Earth Day

While Earth Day was a few days ago, I’m behind in posting the pics.  We had a tremendous day talking about all the kind things you can do to help save our planet.  Monsta likes to discuss these things.  He is always pointing out litter that we see when we go out.  He asks why did somebody throw that on the ground Mommy?  Keeping our kids aware is the most important thing we can do as parents.  They will grow up learning that Earth is our home and it has value and we don’t want people to dirty it up.  He gets that we recycle in the house but maybe I need to bring him down to the recycling center so he gets to see the big picture.  That would be an experience for him and me.

Using the dirt that they dug up from putting in our new fence last week.

Filled a pot that we got at a Spring fair up in Westchester County.

Look at me, I did it!

Planted grapefruit seeds from a grapefruit we shared months ago. It was delicious and we dried the seeds on the windowsill.

Planted zinnias in Cubby’s pot.

Add some water and wait…….

What are some of the fun things YOU did for Earth Day?


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