Don’t talk, just do!

My title today is a quote from my Pop.  I have heard this about a zillion times over the last 41 years.  I think it is one of those things that I don’t even have to think about anymore.  I just do it – like the simple phrase tells you to do.  Sometimes it feels like I’m being tested with hard obstacles that are thrown in my direction but I look past and just Do.  When I read or hear of others complaining about things they should be doing, I say to myself…..

Why don’t they just Do? 

Sure, I vent at times (I hate feeling stressed) but for the most part, (come say it with me) – I just Do!

Keep this phrase with you and see if you can just Do.  I have to say that I think it has made me the strong person I think I am.

So, I got my camera back from Nikon – Woot Woot!

Here is little cub looking out the door holding on to Dunkin Donut cups:

He is surely happy to see me!

For those who have been calling to see how my Monsta is doing, I’m hoping that his stomach virus is almost over. It has been going strong since Friday and frankly, we are running out of TP and sheets!


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