Natural Dyeing and Violas

Getting back to you on the violas we finally planted. Monsta was into the whole process for about 10 minutes. Which is pretty impresive in my book.

He held them for a shot (not smiling, of course)

He allowed me to demonstrate and took over like a pro…

Cubby held on to this sweet viola forever. It was saved and I’m proud to say that no flowers were injured during this little outing.

We dyed eggs naturally this year. Found this beautiful post and had to try.  I just happen to have all these things – how lucky!

They came out awesome. I want to try the onion skins next time. These cute little nests were really easy to make as well. I wish I remembered the site I saw them on. Three paper lunch bags, scissors and glue. Simple.

Headed over to Mom’s for a delishy dinner and the kids hunted for some eggs. She always has things set up for fun!


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