Rants from an egg

Why can’t I get a Coke in Vegas? 
Every restaurant I’ve been in has Pepsi.  I really don’t like Pepsi very much.  I used to, several years ago, but now I’m a classic Coke guy.  I only buy pepsi for Julie (aka Titi) who, for some strange reason, hates coke.  I mean, HELLO!  The only redeeming value of PepsiCo is Mountain Dew.  So I say to the waitress, “I’ll have a coke”.  Is Pepsi OK?  And I’m like, “NO!! It’s not ok”.  If you have Pepsi then it stands to reason you have Mountain Dew.  I’ll have that.  What a racket!

(If you haven’t figured it out……..that was Craig)

and this is a $14.00 meal from Jones Beach. (Thanks Joe for letting me shoot your fries!)


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