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Hose Master 3000

Craig purchased a new retractable hose thingie last week. I love them. We have had several but eventually they break. It is so easy for me to just go out and water all my plants and then just push a lever and the hose automatically gets put away neatly. How can you NOT  love a...

Tickle me Tuesday

A couple of weeks ago, Craig and Ben were playing outside and I darted out there inbetween feedings.  They were having so much fun that I wanted to capture it. My handsome Hub. I just love all that salt and peppa going on! Finally, a glance toward the camera. and finally, the neverending tickles. If...

Morning warmth

I woke up this morning to find this… My sweet husband left me coffee all ready to be made.  He makes the BEST coffee (decaf-if you are wondering) and I was really psyched to find this waiting for me.   I drank it along with matzoh and jarlsberg and had a wonderful morning. 


I just wanted to thank everybody for coming to Ben’s party on Saturday.  The day was fantastic!  I loved seeing the kids have fun on the slip n’ slide and in the pool.   I love people enjoying themselves at our house in general.  Gives me such a great feeling.  Thanks to all that travelled a long...


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