Something New…

Today’s post was written by Craig.  Thanks Honey for your words.  They are so much better than mine.  pfft!

I love what you wrote and I miss you!


As I sit on this 5 1/2 hour flight to Vegas, I can’t help but think about my “Mr. Cookie” and my wife whom I left at 6am this morning.  “THAT KID!” I say to Marina almost on a daily basis.  My love for him grows everyday.  The way he holds his pencil and draws so meticulously on his pad of paper.  The way he says “DADA!” when he sees me.  The way he dips his pancakes into his egg yolk just like mommy and daddy.  How he says “Moooorrrreeee” to everything he likes to do.  His sweet temperament and the joy he brings me everyday.

Benjamin is everything I hoped he’d be — He just turned two but I can already see what kind of person he’s going to be.

Strong, kind and gentle. 

The way he says “Noooo!” and “Biiiiiig” and “JAAAH, JAAAH” (for Curious George) makes me crack up every time.  After every bath, he HAS TO slide, no SLAM the shower doors back and forth.  I say to him, “Must you, Mister??”.  He always responds with “ahhh” which means yes. We say to him, “Say YES!” …. ESSHH! is what we get. 

What can I say? I love that kid with all my heart and can’t wait to catch up on the hugs and kisses when I get back.


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