Toot Toot

I made Frontpage Explore!

For those of you that are not really into Flickr ahhhhhhh sarrrrry!  For me, it is a BIG deal.  Flickr recognizes 500 photographs a day as being the most “interesting”.  It’s in an area on the site called Explore.  If you go there,  you can pretty much waste a few hours looking at all the fantastic photographers.  Well, I’ve made Explore before but only made Frontpage once and that was with this photo:

Now I made it again with this one:

                                                                                                                                I am pretty psyched!  I’ve been working really hard to get shots that I have in my head actually come to be.  That is what I’m most proud of.  So if you haven’t joined Flickr, let me know and I’ll send you an invite.  You can see most of my photos without joining but Ben photos are set to private.  You have to join (it’s FREE) for that.  So go explore Explore…..IT’S FUN!


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