Waiting for Daddy | Holbrook Photographer

Now that David is 5, he definitely feels like a big boy.  At the same time, he is not as old as his brother so he is caught in the middle.  He doesn’t really get why he can’t just take his bike down the street to play with the other kids.  He knows that I have to be out there to watch him at all times.  It’s frustrating all the same.  He tells me, “I’ll be careful Mommy, for real I will.”  I feel so bad when I have to tend to inside chores and he can’t be out there.  Well, for the most part, he is pretty good about it.  He will help me prepare dinner and things like that.  Last night, we were waiting for Daddy to come home.  Benjamin was off playing and David stayed behind.  He was pulling item after item out of the garage to keep himself busy.

Finally, he spotted the bubbles.DSC_2159


This kid has such an amazing spirit.  I kind of miss my alone time with him.  I’m finding it harder and harder to find that kind of time with both my boys.

I’m loving this little series of photos.  The air is crisper, the daylight is leaving us sooner, the autumn colors are bursting out everywhere I look.  Deep breaths to get us through winter.  I’m enjoying this time now.


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