Growth and Growth

We just had a wonderful holiday weekend and I hope you did too.  Craig took Thursday off so we had four days together.  We basically stayed home and played around in the pool.  I worked in the garden and Craig cleaned the garage.  We attended a beautiful wedding on the Fourth of July and had a great time.  Ben had spent the night at my inlaws, so we had Sunday to relax.  Now that the garage was clean, I spotted my pottery wheel.  I got inspired to sit down and throw.  It has been a year since I’ve stopped going to class and I miss it terribly.  It was rough at first because I have a kick-wheel and it took quite a bit of effort to get the wheel going the speed I wanted.  I’m 27 weeks now and my tummy was definitely in the way a bit.  I managed and enjoyed.  I wasn’t rushed so I decided to make a nice salad bowl.  You can never have too many of those.  It felt really good to get back into the clay and the process.  It is also nice having my own wheel because I can just leave my work on it till the next day.  A luxury you don’t have when you have to work at a studio.  I was really pleased with my bowl so I will share:

                                   It will stay as greenware (unfired) till I find the time to get back to the studio.  Who knows when that will ever be.  I already have an office full of stuff that needs to be fired, glazed and fired. 

I also mentioned that I spent a lot of time in the garden.  The bunnies are doing great.  The Mommy sits close by under our hydrangea now keeping her babies protected. 

                          I even spotted her nursing in the nest the other day.  Couldn’t get those pictures though – sorry.  We peeked at the babies and they are so much bigger now.  They have fur and their eyes open.  It is really amazing.

The garden has been doing great.  Things are just growing and growing, even the weeds.  I pulled about 50% of them but jeez, it is hard.  My pole beans are the BIG show right now.  I never planted them before and don’t even know how large they are supposed to get.  Does anyone know? 

                          It really has been a lovely Monday so far.  Ben has been sleeping since 2pm (4:30ish now), I was able to trim (finish off the bottom) of my bowl and reflect on the nice weekend.  Getting back to throwing is huge for me.  It makes me feel good.  I suggest you all find something that you have dropped and try it again.  It does wonderful things for the body and soul.


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