This morning…

During my daily stroll out to the garden, I actually was startled by this little fella…

He wasn’t frightened of me though, which only leads me to believe, I must be his God Mother. Remember this?  and this?  Surely, our history makes me a relative, right?

It was nice to see him.  I’ve wondered what happened to all those sweet bunnies that used to fit in the palm of our hands.  I think we have some sort of unsaid understanding though.  He leaves my garden alone and I set out treats for him.  It is a simple rabbit/human rule.

After saying hello to him, I examined the garden.  Things are growing nicely even though my soil is low in potassium.  This will be fixed this weekend.

On my way back to the house, these three dandelions were calling my name…standing so sweetly next to my path.


A picture perfect morning.


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