Bunnies to Bubbles

Let me start by saying that this past weekend was the BEST EVER.  I’m sure many of you feel the same way for the simple reason that we had sun.  Amazing what a ball of fire can do for the soul.  The weekend started out early Saturday morning when I discovered five baby bunnies in our garden.  Earlier in the week, I saw a big bunny trapped inside the chicken wire and couldn’t get it out.  I saw that it was making some sort of nest but I hadn’t a clue that it was having babies.  Craig finally lifted up the fence and got the critter out.  The week goes by and Saturday I’m removing the straw I had used for mulch with a pitchfork.  I lifted up a chunk and they they were.  Five little squigly babies with no eyes.

……………………………………………….I freaked out a little because I nearly pitchforked them (Imagine? I don’t know if I could ever get over that).  I was lucky enough to miss them.  It was a sight to see.  I called everyone over.  Ben was all cool like and said, “Wow, bunnies”.  We decided to move them because they did not have the shelter of the straw anymore and it was blazing hot.  Craig put them in a big basin with the straw under a tree for the day. 

We checked on them regularly and they were fine.  I was really concerned because I read online that you should really leave them be because otherwise the Mother won’t find them to nurse.  They only get milk for 5 minutes a day because their tummies are so small.  That evening we modified the fence around the garden and put them back in their original nest.  Sunday morning, we were happy to see that the Mommy had been there and made a better nest and they were all fine.   What a relief.  What a learning experience.  I’m so looking forward to see how they progress in the next few weeks.

Besides the bunny saga, we basically spent the whole weekend in the pool.  By the end of the two days, Ben was swimming in his tube all by himself all over the pool.  I’m so proud.  He was really brave and even mastered the doggie paddle with some help.  We finished up blowing bubbles and having a BBQ while the sun was going down.  Perfect ending wouldn’t you say?


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