An official haircut?

I have been hearing, “When are you going to bring that kid for a haircut?!” since 2006. It started out with, “Oh, I think he needs a trim”. Then graduated to, “The boy can’t see, please get him a haircut!”. Then it just turned into a blunt, “Marina, you don’t know how to cut hair and the boy looks ridiculous!”

Listen, I am obviously biased but I always thought that my kids had gorgeous locks and why not flaunt them. I think my kids are precious with their curls (just like their Mommy (thank God)). I have been trimming Monsta’s hair up until this happened. I naturally did the same for Cubby. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I don’t know what came over me. I wanted to get the Cub a ‘real’ haircut. I went everywhere. It was a Monday. Is there a secret Salon rule that they all close on Mondays? I couldn’t find one place. Then when I did, they wanted $35 and up. NOT happening.

I ended up going to a kids place in the dreaded Mall. Yup, I did. It was actually a very cute and great experience.

This is before the cut.

He was perfect sitting in his little taxi.

Mesmerized by some kid show playing on the TV.

Look at those lips!

Ok, they totally put in way too much mousse but it was official.  He got a haircut by a proffessional.

Want to know the comments he received?

“Oh, he has bangs now?”

“What’s with the bangs?”

“Why didn’t you get the back cut off?”

“I could cut his hair so he looks like a nice boy”  –> that one was from my Father which is the funniest of them all.

Well, you just can’t please them all folks.


Shave and a haircut…

Two bits.


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