It was all gone…just like that

Monsta and his gorgeous curls. Let me grab a tissue.

He has been quite independent lately. This summer has proven that. When you take him out alone, you see that you are out with a big boy.  A friend. He is basically one cool kid.

Sunday, he came to us and said that he wanted to cut his hair all off. Like Daddy’s to be specific. He has said this many times before but chickens out when Craig goes to get the buzzer. (I always let out a sigh of relief) I can’t do without those curls. The curls I run my fingers through on a daily basis. Good grief – imagine?

This time was different. His voice was different. His stance was different. He wanted it done.

I didn’t give him an argument. I made quite sure this is what he wanted though, believe me. It was happening.

Cubby wasn’t sure what was happening but he certainly didn’t mind. He loves his brodda no matter what. Look at those smiles – Muah!

For kicks.

I think he felt like a new person. His eyes seemed to be a bit more open. His hands couldn’t leave his head, feeling the stubble and the air on his scalp. Invigorating I imagine.

The whole time, he played it pretty cool. He was all like, this is what I want and don’t make such a big deal about it. We played along. I keep thinking there is a stranger in the house though.

I am not used to it yet but when I see his face, I forget everything.

My two boys. It is inevitable that they will grow older. Thank goodness that I relish in every moment.


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