Celebrating Eid on Long Island

For those of you who don’t know, my brother in-law is from Morocco. This year, he wasn’t able to travel home to celebrate Eid (the end of Ramadan), so we thought we would bring a little Casablanca here to Long Island.

We all did our best as everyone contributed. Dinner actually turned out scrumptious. I researched a ton and realized that Dinners and Dreams was my best resource.  Beautifully written and photographed.

I decided on making Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons and Olives.  Oh My was that good.  I had an authentic Tagine from Morocco that, at the last minute, put aside and used a Dutch Oven.  I thought it wouldn’t be big enough.  Afterwards, I realized I probably could have used it.  It made for a lovely serving dish nonetheless.  I also didn’t use preserved lemons.  I didn’t miss them ; )

My Mom picked up some Turkish bread from Nazar for dipping into the juices.

My Mom also made an eggplant side (on the right).  I have no idea how she made it but it was so refreshing.  I made a red cabbage salad which added a nice texture and crunch to the meal.

My BIL made a cous cous that was delish with beef and carrots and other good stuff.

For dessert, Mom made this moroccan biscotti. Filled with Pistachio and raisins, it was perfect with hot tea.

I think that night was the start of a new tradition. Whether it is on Eid or not, having an authentic Moroccan dinner was good for our souls.

Warm comforting and delicious.


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