ahhhh, people to talk to…

After a week of husband working really late (company move), last night I got to see him and my parents at supper time.  How delightful.  People in the house.  Talking people.  People that I think listened to me when I spoke.  It was nice.  I made chicken and roasted broccoli and zucchini.  Buttered rigatoni on the side.  It was comfort food and I was downright comfortable.  The kids (and me) were ecstatic to have Daddy around.  We played and goofed until it was bedtime.

Here the kids are playing with Abuelito – do I have to tell you how much my Father loves that?

Today, I set out to register the Monsta in Kindergarten.  I really can’t believe that he will be going.  I think I’m going to block it out until a week before it actually starts.


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