Puppies and Pizza

Mom told me that a store opened up around the block from her that was called, “PUPPIES”. She said that the Monsta would love seeing all the pups in the big glass window. I actually psyched myself up for it. If you know me, then you know that I’m not that big of a dog fan so it did take a bit of psyching up. What could be bad about cute little puppies? We set out after school today to go, picking up Gram on the way.

There they were. Lots of adorable, little, fluffy puppies. They were playing and licking and toppling over eachother. Really cute stuff.

Then we went inside. Blech. The stench. It was pretty gross. Old, dirty white cribs lined the store with dogs in them. Some cute, some not. I was thinking to myself that if I was a dog person, I would never buy my puppy from this place. It gave me the creeps and the icks. The Monsta didn’t catch on to my feeling about the place and he actually did great (because he is petrified of dogs) and pet an older pup. Way to go kid!

Then off to the pizza place.

Played with Grandma’s phone while we waited and waited and waited. It seemed like forever.

Cubby finally got pissed and ordered us to go ask for the pie.

Pie came, no pics, too hungry.

Finished up with a round of, “What is that letter?”


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