Off to see the Wizard

because because because because becauseeeeeee, because that how we roll around here.

Off to our second play in two weeks. Wizard of Oz this time. We trekked to Elmont – Everyone told me the drive would be the worst. It wasn’t soooo bad. The lights are like every second once you reach Hempstead Tpke., but it didn’t matter. I was behind this:

Pretty cool, eh? This kid missed it:

Poor little Monsta, only got to sleep about 15 minutes. When we got there, he was really excited to see a Magician. Yes, I lead him to believe something else but I really wanted to surprise him with one of his favorite shows. It worked. When they announced, “The Wizard of Oz”………he was so happy:

He was on the edge of his seat most of the time. Broadhollow Theater  did a fabulous job. 

Monsta loved the costumes.  I liked the Tin Man the best.

The lion was his favorite. It was all very interactive with the characters running up and down the aisles.

Do you see how long Dorothy’s braids are?

Totally recommend Broadhollow. Next, I think is Cinderella. Who wants to come?


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