I finally have put together this little place for family and friends to have access to Benjamin pictures.  By clicking on any of the photos to the right, you will be taken to my Flickr account.  There you will find various photos I have taken.  Please comment on any of the photographs so I know you were there or you can comment here on earthandskye.  Along with all the pictures, you also get to read about stuff going on here.  Really interesting, right?  I mean, I know you are just dying to know that yesterday I was in the kitchen talking to Craig on the phone (he was at work) and he says, “What’s all that noise?”.  I said, “Oh, that is Ben banging…he is so musical honey isn’t that great?”  As I round the corner (beaming of course because my son is going to be a great musician), there is Ben banging alright.  BANGING MY JADE PLANT!  Did you know that flower containers make great instruments!



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