no longer a Manatee

Monsta has been taking swimming lessons.  I can’t believe that the terrified kid, that wouldn’t let go of my leg eight weeks ago, has been transformed.  I’m so happy that I’ve witnessed this unbelievable change.  Let me give you a bit of history…

Monsta has always been quite comfortable in our pool.  He used to go under the water and everything.   During the winter, before he turned three, something happened.  When Spring came and the pool was opened, Monsta wanted a tube  (insert car screech sound).  Well, the tube became an appendage and unless he was on the stairs, he had to have it on.  Ok, there were times that he would jump into someones arms but you get the gist.  We made zero progress that year and zero progress last year.  I couldn’t do it again.  We are a family of fish swimmers.  I have to have a kid that swims!  My friend totally talked me into lessons (which I wasn’t considering because of the money), she said that it was the best thing she had ever done. 

We took the plunge and now…

He jumps
He swims underwater
He treads
He floats
He is even learning how to dive!

There are no words for how I felt when he passed his test last Friday. My parents came and so did Craig to cheer him on. He rocked!

He rang the bell so modestly.

He received a ribbon.

I think he was pretty darn happy.


Monsta: I’m excited about swimming now. Is there swimming today?

Me: No, not today. Friday.

Monsta: Oh (sad face)

Me: Are you excited about swimming because you did so well?

Monsta: yEs.

No more manatee, this kid is on his way to becoming a Sea Lion.


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