Last days of Summer

Spent Sunday afternoon at my inlaws house.  Ben and Craig splashed around in their beautiful, HEATED pool.  Ben amazes me everytime he goes in the water.  He is fearless (which is pretty scary)!  This time he went down the slide (no floating device of any kind) from the halfway point and went under the water to come up again to say, “MOA  (more, his favorite word)?  He loved it! 

Ken (FIL) took out this string with two wooden rods at either end.  Ben was in the water with Craig holding one end and Ken was pulling him from outside the pool all along the perimeter.  He held his head up and kicked and smiled.  It was awesome to see.  I, of course, took a zillion pictures like the proud photo Mama I am.

Ben under the water:

Fooling around in the Cabana:

and finally an outside shower:

We wrapped up the day by meeting Harriet (MIL) and a couple of their friends for dinner. Thanks for dinner guys and thanks for a fabulous day!


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