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Enjoying a rainy day

After Daddy leaves for work, Cubby is the one to fill his shoes. Relaxing and watching Sesame Street. Enjoy the weekend!

cookie after dinner

We are all a bit under the weather around here.  The boys have slight colds and I have something brewing.  Last night, after dinner, the boys got a chocolate chip cookie from Daddy.  That perked them right up. They plopped in a chair across from me and lo and behold, my camera was just at...

An official haircut?

I have been hearing, “When are you going to bring that kid for a haircut?!” since 2006. It started out with, “Oh, I think he needs a trim”. Then graduated to, “The boy can’t see, please get him a haircut!”. Then it just turned into a blunt, “Marina, you don’t know how to cut hair...


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