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Still no camera…..

I’ve seen about a zillion pictures I needed to take just because I don’t have my camera. Poor me. I’ve been sitting by the phone waiting for Nikon to call me. Do you you think they forgot my number? These next two shots were taken this month but last year. My forsythia just burst open...

Getting things done

That is what I love to do. Outside. Working in the yard. Getting my hands dirty.  Making things look better. All of that is good for my soul. All of a sudden someone wasn’t too fond of grass: The kids played, and played. and played. and did a little ham’n it up. I even got...


Because his lips are so lushy lishy… Late night hunting with Grandpa in the yard: Monsta was complaining that his tummy hurt and this morning woke up with 103 fever. I made chicken soup with alphabets in it and he is pretty much just dozing on the couch all day. Poor kid.

He won’t smile AND bees.

I have mentioned before that the Monsta is pretty much over the whole camera thing. If I ask for a smile, I get cheese. If I don’t ask, I get cheese. So, I end up not asking and letting him do whatever he is doing and if I would like him to look up, I...


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