He won’t smile AND bees.

I have mentioned before that the Monsta is pretty much over the whole camera thing. If I ask for a smile, I get cheese. If I don’t ask, I get cheese. So, I end up not asking and letting him do whatever he is doing and if I would like him to look up, I try to make him laugh somehow by asking him something funny. That works for about a minute and then he is back to cheese. After the cheese though, there is the annoyed phase. If I’m lucky, I can snap a few during this sensitive stage. If I click one too many, then we move into full on tantrum. I’ve been timing it pretty perfectly I must say. Here is Ben with the “annoyed” face. I love these shots just the same. I could eat up those cheeks and lips in one bite. They are THAT cute!

Switching topics over to our bee friends. They LOVE us and our deck. We keep saying we are going to seal the deck with an oil based stain because the bees don’t like that but it is not high up on our to do list. Until then, we live with them. Get rid of them. They come back. We get rid of them and so on and so on. Here is a sweet little guy that is working away. They like to build under the railing.

He is doesn’t live here anymore.


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