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We are off to a great start.  We celebrated with good friends at our house this year.  It was really fun.  Thanks Melissa for bringing over such swanky champagne.  It was delish! January will kick off something BIG for me.  A new photography website is rolling out this week.  Can you stand the wait?  I will send out...

All good things must come to an end.

Wednesday was the last day of Flamenco class.  We have been going strong for 17 weeks and let me tell you, my students are AWESOME!  They are dedicated to dance and so fun to be with.  I really enjoyed this past session.  Girls, (if you are reading this)  I applaud you.  I will send out...

She stole the show!

I almost missed my train but once I met up with all the girls it was smooth sailing.  We ate at a great French restaurant called Maison.  I had the Crisp Duck Confit.  It was really good.  Oh, and so was their coffee and fries.  Out of the nine of us, a few headed to the theater...

Flamenco Festival

Off to the City Center tonight to see Mujeres with the girls from class. I go every year and it’s always exciting. Check out WMI (World Music Institute) – it’s worth it!

So proud.

Class was awesome last night. Everyone really put 100% into this new dance we are putting together. I’m so proud of them. Thanks to Samy for getting me the awesome music. Check out the video: Tzazae- Cheb Mami


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