We set out on a beautiful day with friends…

Captain Joe made sure everyone had the proper life vest. This one was too big but it had a way cool whistle.

We were off…

We boarded and left out of Port Jeff Harbor. Ben had to change his life vest to this Barbie one (don’t make fun) because it fit better.

I had the Cub with me. We were both happy.

I got a few I love yous from my sweets.

Daddy made sure to point out all the interesting things we passed by.

I thought these cabanas were cute. Who owns them….I wonder.

Nice house, right? The people that own the cabanas own these houses.

We traveled the sound to Mt. Sinai Harbor to Cedar Beach.

We had a greasy bite at Ralph’s Fishing Station.

On our way back we stopped for some fishing. It was pretty rocky being still or rather NOT being still. Here is Joey ready to catch a fluke…

They were biting like crazy. Everyone caught one including me!

The baby slept the whole way there and the whole way back. What a sweetie pie. It was pretty exhausting being a passenger. We didn’t make it out of the parking lot before someone was snoring.

Thanks Joe and Jill for taking us out. It was super duper fun.


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