Sweet like a mallomar

Do you have a super cute Aunt in your family?  Well, we do and her name is Aunt Muriel.  She was married to one of my Grandfather’s (on my Mom’s side) brothers.  Her Grandfather was a woodcarver and her home is decorated with his masterpieces.  I am lucky to have one of his pieces  that my Grandmother left to me called “The Kiss”.  I love it and it hangs in my Living Room.

We spent the afternoon with her a few weeks ago and the kids had a great time.  Look how cute she is!

We ate chinese food and mallomars and talked about her pottery and family history.

She loved seeing how much David had grown and he was quite smitten with her too.

Ben loves to look at all her collections. Frogs being one of them. He found this fella in her bathroom.

It is always wonderful to see my Aunt because she has such a positive outlook on life. She is in her 90’s but you would never guess that. She lives on her own and is involved in so many different things. She is a role model for me for sure.

Love ya Aunt Muriel!


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