The North Shore, Long Island

During the summer, it is always a treat to visit my sister out East.  We walk to the beach and set up camp till sunset…

Samy took the little one in for a dip:

This kid just won’t wear a hat!

and this kid seems to want to wear a rock – go figure!

Me and the Monsta walked the beach to find a fisherman who had quite a setup going on. He had all these poles in these holders and on top of each pole were bells. Every time the bells would ring, he would run to that pole and reel in a fish. It was really amazing to see. They were biting like mad. We made small talk and next thing you know he is showing cookie how to catch porgies…

These were already in his cooler:

He used sand worms for bait. I might add at this point that they are really freaking gross!

The bells rang and fisherman guy let Ben reel in the fish. He tried with all his little might…

Here it comes…

He did it! His first catch ever.

We spotted some jellyfish on the walk back:

On the way back up the hill to Julie’s house, Monsta insisted that he haul the bag all by himself:

We all took refreshing outdoor showers and by the time we were drying off, Samy had already prepared this awesome mussel appetizer. Look at those colors!

A little wine, a little sun, and family. It was a perfect day.


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