8 months and a whopping FOUR year old in the house.

It has been awhile since I’ve said how fast time goes by so here is another dose.  I’m looking at my desktop calendar and I can’t believe that tomorrow, Monsta is turning 4, and the day after that, Cubby turns 8 months old.  ACK!  I look at them and see it!  They are maturing in front of my eyes and it is not going unnoticed.  Every morning when I nurse David, I inspect…  More hair – check, Longer body – check , Fuller face- check.  I can’t stand it.  SLOW DOWN!  Then The Monsta comes barrelling in and I see for sure that he is older with the, “Mom, you crack me up!” and “Come quick, I’ve discovered something!”  phrases. 

They are getting older and my back is telling me that I am too.  Pains popping up all over in places that I never knew I had.  I go to sleep with an ice pack or a heating pad and pray that in the morning I will be ache-free.   Ok, enough complaining from me…..

Here is Cubby at 7 months and tomorrow you will get a BIG dose of the four year old.  Have a great, HOT day!


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