Waves and sand

Yesterday turned into a splendid day that was spent at the beach. I was secretly stressing about what if Cubby didn’t like this magical place but he turned out to be a true Palencia after all. I use my maiden name for the simple reason that I grew up on the beach. I don’t remember many days NOT being at the beach in the summertime. We made long days even longer back then by packing breakfast, lunch and dinner. We set out early like eight o’clock and munched on HOT bagels from Higbie Bagels while watching the waves. We swam and dug and slept and built and talked and listened to music for hours on end. The whole family as a family enjoying ourselves as a family should. We would grill on a hibachi till sunset and then finally go home with the smell of Coppertone and salt still lingering on our clothes.

Is it possible to recreate those days?

Yesterday was spur of the moment as my Mom and her friend were going. I spontaneously said we would meet them there. Ben was in his element and had a smile plastered on his face from beginning to end. David was the sweetest little thing…..he sat and ate and lounged the whole time never once making a fuss. Could I ask for more? Ben and I dug holes and then made a tunnel to connect them which was really cool. We passed things back and forth. We ran to the water a zillion times and he made me say, “Don’t you dare come up here water!”. When it did, we would yell, “HEY!” and run. The water was so freezing that I couldn’t feel my toes but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered but having fun.

When we got home, I placed this little, wiped out guy on the grass, so I could water my window boxes. He looked so cute!


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