if I only blogged to keep up with my picture taking….

Three years ago, when I started blogging , I found that I take far too many pictures.  Not that there is  a limit or anything like that but I take pictures with the intent of blogging something about them.  Then, it seems, so much time goes by that I find it ridiculous talking about things that happened so long ago.  For instance, would you really want to see something snow related now that it is totally Spring?  I think not.  I am trying to post more regularly but life just seems to get in the way.  Important things have come and gone and you totally missed them.  Sorry about that.  You probably would have wanted to see when Ben was in his first play at school.  That was great!  He was so cute and did so well.  Ok, I won’t rub salt in the wound.  You are wounded right?  I’m trying to get better, I promise…did I say that already?  Anyhow, a big change to this blog will happen soon.  It is in the works now.  That is something to look forward to.  In the meantime….here is my cute cubby to make you smile.




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