Little Steamers

We finally made it to see and ride the little steamers last weekend.  DSC_4895_steamers_start

Ben was super tired because he was up at four in the morning (the night before) complaining of a sore throat.  It was the beginning of a cold that is just about ending now. 


DSC_4817_steamers1aWaiting on line…..

DSC_4828_steamers2Daddy – trying to keep him occupied.

DSC_4837_steamers3Watching all the trains go by…

DSC_4844_steamers4Craig – Soon Ben soon…

DSC_4849_steamers5Tired of waiting…

DSC_4853_steamers6Finally – ALL ABOARD!

DSC_4867_steamers7Father and son chuggin’ back.  (The engineer looks thrilled, right?)

DSC_4887_steamers8OK, that was neat but I’m tired now and would like to go home.

Anyways, I’ve heard from several friends that it was a pretty cool place and it was.  It is all run by volunteers and a donation is all that is required.   The season is now over but keep the website faved for next year!


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