Another week has gone by…did you miss me?

Well, my intentions to write every little detail about David have totally failed.  I wanted to keep everyone up to date but having a newborn in the house along with a 3.5 year old has been a bit challenging.  Millions of Moms have done it and I will do it too but right now I’m pretty tired and having trouble finding time to do anything computer related. 

The birth:  if I don’t mention the story now…..nobody will care anymore so here it is (the short short version):

My water broke at 3:05pm

Ben woke up at 3:06pm and said what is the matter Mommy?

Craig came home at 3:10pm

Ben greeted him at the door saying Mommy’s water broke.  He was like WHAT?

We called the Dr. who said make your way into the hospital (1 hour away).  I was feeling nothing at that time (3:15pm)

After I hung up – instantly my contractions started and they were 4min apart.  I was feeling lots now.  I managed to get into the car by 4:00pm

Arrived at Mom’s to drop off Ben and stuff at 4:30pm (contractions 2 minutes apart- agony).  Did a driveby.

Got on the highway and felt a need to push – HOLY SHIT!  How can I have this baby in the car!

Somehow, someway, Craig got us to the hospital even though I said numerous times to pull over. (thank God he didn’t)

Emergency room guy raced me into the hospital into some triage room because I was wailing, The baby is coming out!

I was on the table not 10 minutes…pushed three times and there popped out David.

Mind you, I am sparing you all the gory details.  Those close to me have gotten the phone call with those.

Ultimately, I had my natural birth, it lasted two hours.  David was born at 5:10pm.  I was happy as a clam and still am!

Happy and TIRED that is ; )DSC_4708_sleeping


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