He is soaring…

When the Monsta started school, I knew that it would be a wonderful thing but what I didn’t know was HOW wonderful.  When I pick that kid up he has this new light glowing from within that is just incredible to see.  He has always been amazing (spoken like a true Mom)….I could go on and on about all the awesome things he does and says but now it is a tad different.  He now carries around these bits of knowledge that he is learning in school and whether I know what those bits are or not, when I look into his eyes, he is a smarter more mature child.  Wheels are spinning faster in that beautiful brain of his.  He recalls things from school that he will talk about and I’m all like WOW, you know that?  or You did that?  or You are learning what song from the French teacher for the school show?  It is a new level of learning and socializing and it is doing wonders.  We are so proud of that kid. 

Lately he has been kissing my belly…

Ben – Mommy, it will be soon now.

Me – Yes, sweetheart…it will be soon…

I <3 him!


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