He is doing stuff that I can’t see or hear

Are you sick of my poolside flowers yet?

It is now Thursday and I realize that I never discussed the Holiday weekend.  Briefly…..Friday: Went out to dinner with Craig and had delicious filet mignon at the Grill Room.  That place is great a couple of times a year (no more).  Saturday:  Had a bunch of friends over for a bbq.  That was really fun and relaxing.  Sunday:  Took a ride to visit my BIL’s new home.  It was a lovely day and they were perfect hosts.  Thanks Corey and Marti.  Monday:  Totally exhausted, we napped (or at least I tried) and hung around the house all day.

back to today—

Ben is at school again right now.  I still can’t get used to the fact that he is doing stuff that I can’t see or hear.  Is that weird?  When he stays with family (which is often) at least I get the scoop when I get back in detail.  Now it is just not the same.  I’ll get over it I’m sure.  It is the beginning of many things I won’t know – Good God…I need to have this conversation in a few years!

 Off to pick up my little cutie.


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