He slept like a baby and I was up all night!

Last night I attended a Parent/teacher meeting to prepare THE PARENTS for school today.  It went fine but I didn’t sleep at all because I kept thinking of all the scenarios that would go down today.  Last month, Monsta had his first orientation and when we dropped him off, he totally cried.  It was rough to leave him but we did and when we picked him up, he was fine and happy.  He has been talking about how he cried for a month.  He even told me that he would cry when I dropped him off today (heart dropping).  Well, we went in and everyone was so friendly.  He spotted an Elmo workbench right away and started playing.  I introduced him to one of the Teacher aides and she asked him to go over to the magic wall to hang his balloon.  I asked for a kiss and told him that I would be back soon and left.  I never looked back but as I was walking out, my hearing turned Bionic.  I was listening for some type of cry or scream from my baby.  There wasn’t one.  There wasn’t a peep or wimper.  I walked out feeling a BIG relief.  I went shopping at an Italian Specialty shop to pick up some goodies for dinner tonight.  Dropped the stuff off at home and then started thinking again that, Oh My God, he probably started crying after I left the building.  How come my Motherly sense didn’t pick that up?  How could I be out buying freshly made ravioli and marinated flank steak while my little boy needed his Mommy?  I pulled it together and set out to pick him up.  When they opened the doors, it was like I was the three year old trying my hardest to get in first.  Everything was quiet and all the kids were standing holding a butterfly they had painted.  I saw Monsta scanning the crowd for me and when he caught my eye……well, it might have well been the 4th of July.  He was beaming!  He ran to me and showed my his bootiful butterfly and said he just ate a chocolate chip cookie that was delicious.  Could I be more happy?  I asked everyone how he made out and they said that he was completely fine.  Not a tear shed.  He then told me how his favorite part was playing outside and the cookie.  I can’t tell you how I feel right now.  I am busting, I’m so proud.  On top of that, the teacher aide I mentioned before, turned out to be one of my best friends from Junior High School.  I couldn’t believe it.  I picked a great school with great people and I have a great kid that had a great day.  YES!

Sidenote – When I dropped Monsta off, I got into my car to find this little guy crawling on my hood:

                                                                  It is something special to see today of all days.  In memory of my Uncle’s Stuart’s Birthday.  We love you!


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