I’m not the only girl in our family anymore!

My dream has finally come true. I have wanted to raise chickens since forever ago. I don’t know if I actually told anybody this but my husband certainly knew. He has been telling me no for years but some how, some way, it has happened AND he still loves me!

My Mother grew up on a chicken farm in Great Neck, NY. I heard stories of my Grandma sitting in a room, candling eggs. My Father grew up in Tlacotalpan, Mexico. They had chickens as did most of the families in town. It is in my blood…I was definitely meant to have chickens.

The great news is, we finally have them. We are the proud owners of four girls. The boys adore them and seem pretty natural handling them. They are so cute. Let me introduce them to you…



This is Taffy.  She is a Cream Legbar.  She has taken to my youngest son (sorry, no pics of him) which is funny because he is the fairest of all of us, just like her.  They match and he named her.



Taffy was having a cuddly moment.



This is Amelia Bedelia, named by Monsta.  He loved her from the very moment he saw her.  She is a Black Australorp.  Most certainly the most gentle of the group.  I love that he picked her because that suits his personality perfectly.





This is our Golden Laced Wyandotte.  The leader of the pack.  I picked her as mine but haven’t name her yet.  She has already taught all the others how to escape from the cage – Feisty, I tell ya.




They are all younger than two weeks old except for this one.  She is a Light Brahma.  She is about one week old.  This one will be named by my sister as she is in love.



Right now, they are living in a cage in the garage.  I visit them often and try to handle them a lot.  The kids must see them in the morning and throughout the day – CUTE!  Next on the list is building the coop.  I’ve been researching the different types and I’m 99% sure that I will have a mobile coop.  That way they can be rotated around the yard.

I will be documenting and sharing my chicken stories here.  Stick around for the ride, it should be fun!


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