I planted my peas

This past Saturday was extraordinary. Being out in the sun with Craig and the boys made me feel like a kid again. I can’t believe how much my body longed for the warm sunshine.

My goal was to plant peas. It happened. With the kind help of a neighbor that came over and tilled half my garden the other day, the ground was ready. Craig amended the soil with compost, peat, fertilizer, and blood meal. All organic, of course. We set up some nylon netting this year as a trellis. I hope it works out. Four varieties went into the ground. A bit of rain settled them in. Now we wait.

My boys willingly helped. The little guy did so by taking soil by the shovel full and filling his cart. He also made dirt angels as if it were snow. My oldest helped with working the soil and assembling the trellis. To have my boys out in the garden with me is the ultimate. I couldn’t be happier.








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