A smile that lights up my world | Long Island Child Photographer | Earth & Skye Photography

Both my kids are sick with the Coxsackie virus at the moment. Monsta, is on the mend though as it has been since Friday for him. We are just waiting for those wretched bumps/blisters to disappear. Cubby, my little guy eating the cucumber in the last post, is just starting with the bumps. His fever has been very low and hopefully won’t continue to rise. It has been difficult to be cooped up for so many days. We are all trying to make the best of it though.

To say I am thrilled with the above shot would be a total understatement. Thank goodness, he is feeling like his old self. The twinkle in his eyes are back. We were just goofing around and he flashed me that beautiful smile. That is a smile that I can rarely catch. He has been against my camera for a couple of years now. When it comes out, he runs or covers or makes horrible faces. Not today though. Today, I win.


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