What the?

I used to be a food network addict.  I admit it.  If nothing was on, the channel would be on 66.  It really didn’t even matter what show was on.  Looking back on those days, I was living in an apartment and didn’t have any real commitments.  I’m happy to say that I’m over it.  I simply just don’t have the time for it now.  I will turn to foodtv for the occasional recipe but that is about it.  Today, I was flipping through some channels and there was the food network.  I got a little intrigued because Tyler Florence was grilling pork and making some really nice strawberry dessert (Jill, you would definitely love that one!).  Then a commercial came on.  What’s a commercial?  Uh, der, I’m watching LIVE TV – ACK!  It was a commercial with some lady saying that she was Sandra Lee.  How come she didn’t look like Sandra Lee?  The voice was the same as I remembered when I used to watch her dreadfully perfect show.  What the freak did she do to her face?  Does anyone know?  I think the image will haunt me for a few days for sure.  Why can’t pretty people leave well enough alone?  Meg Ryan and now her – jeez!


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