He took the train to work…

He has been playing like I’ve never seen before. It definitely has gone to the next level. This week has been THE most enjoyable with Ben ever.  (I think I say that every week but…)  Today, we had such nice weather, we were outside all morning.  He chalked up the driveway, tried to hoola hoop, swept, climbed up a hill with a walking stick, ran down the hill into my arms, jumped off our neighbors retaining wall one zillion times (not that high) and brought in the mail.  At one point, he was sitting on our small bricks alongside the driveway when I hear him saying, “Humpy Dumpy at on a wall.  Hump Dumpy had a geat faaaawl!”  With that, he falls backwards into the grass and gets hysterical.  It was the cutest thing.  He also surprised me last night by interlocking his train tracks together.  How awesome is that at 2.5?  He made a long wavy course all by himself!  I have to cherish every day because it is going so fast.  I love that kid and enjoy seeing him grow into such a fascinating, smart boy. 


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