Where am I?

Here I am!  I’ve been so busy that I totally neglected the blog. boo hoo.  I’ve been taking care of business as they say.  Yes, I’m finally trying to launch my photography business.  Did you not know that I am a photographer?  EEhhhh derrrrrrrr helllooooo!  There is a new website in the works and I’ve already had two shoots.  Cool right?  I will be keeping you informed on the progress and will definitely let you know when the photo site goes live.  It’s a secret for now.  Hope everyone is doing well and getting all their holiday shopping finished.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for this blog, please let me know.  Drop me a comment because I hate not knowing if anyone is reading this.  I could totally be talking to myself.  Not that that would be bad because I’m a really good listener but you know what I mean.  Who’s out there?


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