Not camping

This past weekend we rented a cabin in the Poconos.  It was a great house with hardwood floors, a big kitchen and many many bedrooms.  There were ten adults and seven children.  The kids had a blast just being there.  Ben spent most of the weekend climbing up and down the staircase.  I guess since we live in a ranch this was exciting (go figure!).  The guys relaxed in the hot tub with beers and smoked cigars.  The girls had no part of that and hung out upstairs with some wine.  We rarely all get together like this so we ended up talking till way too late.  I have to say I got inspired by many of the conversations we had.  For instance: when I got home, I started redesigning the livingroom and basement, decided on some prints to blow up and hang on the walls, taped Baby Einstein (which Ben really liked – wink wink Beth) and tomorrow I’m going shopping!  On Sunday we spent some time at the lake.  It was cold and overcast but nobody cared.  We skipped rocks, threw a football and took lots of pictures.  I wanted to share this one photo of me and Ben.  I’m loving the fact I actually got one of us together.  I just love his big smile (thanks to Vesna for the jumping up and down trick).  This is just so Ben. 

The guys:

The girls:

The kids:

The weekend was truly great. With that being said…..did I mention that when we got there, I realized that I left my bag at home? You heard me. grrrrr.

This was waiting on my bed when we got home:


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