Everyone is an arteest.

I found this great little website and felt I must share it with you.  It allows you to paint like Jackson Pollock.  If you never heard of Jackson Pollock (shame on you!) here is a little background.  He lived in East Hampton with his wife/artist Lee Krasner.  (Isn’t that neat?)  He was an abstract expressionist and is considered one of the great American painters.  After his death, his studio was given to the Stony Brook Foundation.  They have tours and a study center that is open to the public.  It’s a great piece of history and worth going to.  I remember I visited back when I was going to NYIT. 

Check out my Pollock masterpiece…

Ben has totally mastered this.  He presses the mouse button to change colors and then hits the F5 button to clear and start over! 

Have fun…



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