I’ve been playing around lately with different concepts when it comes to my picture taking.  I was talking about being inspired last night and how it becomes a chain reaction.  For example:   I’m inspired by flickr (we all know I’m addicted) -> I experiment after seeing some ideas I like -> someone else, like my friend Jill, sees my work -> it now changes the way she takes pictures.  Isn’t that cool?  I think so.  This is the very reason why my photography skills have grown so much in the last year.

I’ve seen jump shots and silhouette shots a zillion times before.  This was the first time I actually tried a combo.  I like the result.  I have to say the art of processing adds a lot in this instance.  Look at the original:

It’s a pretty good foundation but after bumping up some of the colors and toning down others, adding more contrast and finally a drastic crop……You get something super duper grand.  I just love having a digital darkroom where I can play. 

Well, I put this lesson at the top of my list.  I will definitely practice some more though because you never know when you will get “The Shot”


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