It’s a New Dawn

Being that I love P. Allen Smith and record all his shows and watch them faithfully, four years ago, I planted New Dawn roses at the base of an arbor.

In the opening of his show there is always a picture of an arbor with these roses that is so magnificent I can’t stand it. I wanted one of my own. I have learned so much from his show. Slowly but surely my house is becoming my garden home. I’ve made lots of mistakes such as the time I pruned my hydrangea and didn’t realize that I cut off all potential flower clusters. No blooms that year. I’ve planted and replanted. I’ve dug up things I planted. I move things around to find that perfect design a lot.

I have dreams for paths and focal points and areas of mystery and whimsy. Maybe one day I can achieve that but for now I just want to share my New Dawn roses.

They were just starting to bloom here. Now, it is covered. I have to figure out how to prune this beast though. The thorns are treacherous and I have trouble guiding the branches to where I want them to go.

In time.

Thanks P. Allen Smith!


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