Slippin’ n slidin’ never gets old.

It’s the BIG mouthed scream of FUN…

the giggles as they reach the end…

and the determination of getting up to go another round.

I secretly want to run down this thing myself.  Yesterday, at Costco, me and the Monsta were heading back to the car with our stuff.  It was raining.  It always rains when we go.  As we were running through the raindrops, some man whizzes by.  He ran and then hopped on to the bar at the bottom and rode all the way down the hill to his aisle.  I think if he didn’t go by so fast, I would have noticed a big smile on his face.  When we finally caught up to him, I said, “That looked like fun!”  He replied, “It was!  I felt like a kid again.”

Take that and put it in your back pocket for this week.  Do something fun just for the heck of it.


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