Line leader

It is a pretty BIG deal if you are in pre-school.  You have to wait till your name comes up alphabetically and you know that could take forever.  My Monsta?  Not even fazed. 

Me:  What is that sticker on your shirt?

Monsta:  Oh, I was line leader at school today.

Me:  Oh!  That is so cool.  What did you have to do?

Monsta:  Nothing really.  You get to sit next to the teacher and be first on line.

Me:  Awesome!  Did you feel important?

Monsta: Eh

Me: Eh?  That’s it?

Monsta: (in the other room playing)

So that is Line leader in a nutshell. 

My two cuties in the yard.

Some kids found some snails on the fence in front of school and asked Monsta if he wanted to hold it. He said no and as we walked away he added…

Thanks for offering though.

I <3 him


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