Us vs. Sick

I‘ve been so absent because sick has been taking priority around here for the last month.  It started with Monsta, then it went to Cubby (way worse), and then me.  I ended up with Tonsillitis.  Good Grief.  I battled as long as I could.  It was going on 3 weeks and then I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Why couldn’t I get rid of it on my own?  Damn antibiotics.  I felt better after one dose.  My head is clearer and things are looking up.  I’m only on day 3/10 but whatever.  I’m in it now.  The only bad thing is that Craig woke up this morning with the same symptoms I had.  Uh Oh.

Last Thursday, I took Monsta to see a Willy Wonka play at a local theater.  It was awesome to be with just him.  Easy.  I mean, I didn’t even have to carry anything with me easy.  He loved it and I sat and watched him love it.  He loves the movie and has non-stopped talked about all the differences he noticed ever since.  Like, why were the oompa loompas children and in the movie they are little adults?  How does he notice such things?  Why were their faces red when in the movie they were orange?  The questions are endless.  The best part of it is that I have been reenacting the part when Augustus falls into the chocolate river in my living room every evening.  Yes, he was fascinated how the boy fell in off the stage.  I explained to him about the orchestra pit and how it was all an illusion.  Hence the setup in the LR with the couch and trunk.  I wedge myself between the two and hold a pretend cup of chocolate.  Are you imagining this?  This really happens.  Then he plays Augustus and pretends to scoop up chocolate from the river (my faux cup).  He says how delicious it is and then completely overacts the falling in part and dives from the couch onto me (still on the floor folks).  Only three more times Mommy?  (My aching back)  Of course, sweetheart.  I’ll do anything for that kid.

When we got home he wanted to play outside.  I caught him coming in…

When he saw my camera, he went back on out.

I’m always trying!

P.S. Don’t forget to book your Spring photo session early. Spots are going……..


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