‘YOU minutes’

During breakfast this morning, I zoned out while I was eating my egg and wheat toast. I could feel the first sip of warm tea go all the way down to wherever it goes and it felt wonderful. It was a silent movie for a minute.

No sound.
Cub putting egg in his hair and smiling.

No sound.
Monsta stuffing his mouth with pancakes and syrup.

No sound.
Me, looking at them thinking, “How in the world did we get these wonderfully, happy kids?”.

I love those moments.

Today, I hope I can inspire some of you, to DO something that enriches your life. Really think about what that might be. We get caught up in the every day business of cleaning and caring for our families but sometimes WE get lost. When was the last time you read something for YOU? Have you left a project unfinished because you just don’t have the time? Have you been meaning to excercise?

When you find yourself with a few minutes today, stop everything and focus on YOU…..you might even find yourself in a nice, warm bath with lots of bubbles and a magazine. (I don’t think I’ve ever done that!)

I would love to hear about your ‘YOU minutes”.

I also want to dedicate today’s post to my friend Kristin. She is always a source of inspiration for me. Last week she posted this.  Monsta saw it and minutes later we were having fun in the kitchen.

Thanks Mainemomma!  You inspire more than you know.

Also, just want to remind everyone that the Tina Steinberg giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight.  Click here and comment – you might just win!


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